Susan Peters is the Seattle Broker who
stages all of her listings at no addtional cost! 

Susan Peters Realtor
Style and design come naturally to Susan. Before she was a Broker, She spent 10 years as an international flight attendant, and also worked in the fashion industry producing runway shows. When she relocated to Seattle, she bought a house with what she describes as having a "charm-ectomy", but Susan had a vision for the house. Thus she undertook her first renovation project, and by the time she completed her home, she had the know-how to remodel a house from the studs to the final finishing coat of paint. It was in the middle of this project that Susan discovered her passion for real estate.

For over 20 years, Susan has been actively involved in the Seattle real estate market. She has a keen ability to see potential in a property. Over the years, she has honed her skills and knowledge. She doesn't just know the market, but she is known and respected by her fellow Realtors as well. Susan's expertise is enhanced by her affliation with professional associations like
Active Rain and Biznik. With this unique combination of skills, Susan is consistently able to achieve the best results for her clients.

Susan's Remodeled Home
Before After
home for sale Seattle WA Real Estate Seattle WA

Susan discovered this old house and could see all the potential it had.  She envisioned what her home would be and lost no time making that dream come true.

Susan's Vision For Her Clients:

Whether you are a buyer or seller, Susan will make it your market.

20 years as a Seattle Broker has established Susan Peters as an expert in her field. Her unique marekting skills  enable her to accomplish what many of her peers cannot. Susan’s experience consistently gets buyers the best values and sellers the highest asking price for their home.

The Better it Looks, the Better it Sells:

Selling your home is not something you take lightly. You want the best return on your investment. Susan knows how to make that happen. As a Staging Professional, she applies proven design techniques that not only increase your home’s perceived and actual market value, but also attract the most serious buyers.

Every client is her favorite client:

It's not a cliché. When you hire Susan you hire more than a Real Estate Agent. She knows her way around the Greater Seattle housing market and uses her expertise to research, evaluate and educate her clients. The above and beyond service a Broker might give to a special or favorite client, she gives to every client. Susan is committed to working with you professionally and strategically to make certain you have the highest success and best experience possible.

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